Monday, June 16, 2014

Where I've Been and What I'm Up to Now.

Hey, y'all.

It's been over a month since I've posted anything in this little corner of the internet. I'd love to have a better excuse, but life has gotten in my way. Jared and I had a wonderful opportunity to adopt a little girl, and in the middle of prepping for that, the birth mother decided to go another direction.

I am glad.

I know that sounds crazy, but I'm glad because Jared and I prayed constantly over this situation and asked the Lord to slam the door shut if this wasn't the child for us. And he did. The birth mother's story isn't mine to tell, but I know she is making the best choice for her, for her child, and for us. God loves us more than we know sometimes, and HE knows what we need. I wish her and her child and the new family nothing but happiness and love in this world and the next. The birthmom is an amazing woman and mother and I'm grateful for her and her kind words to us. Seriously. She is AMAZING.

So, I'm sure y'all will understand why I've been a bit distracted these days.

Aside from that, Jared has been working like a mad man because this is prime painting season, I've been doing some painting of my own (more on that in a different post HOPEFULLY.), and we've slowed down on home improvement projects for no other reason than a lack of time. I would love to begin updating regularly again and making plans, but we will have to see what time allows.

In the interim, I've also become a crazy plant lady, stopping on the side of the road to dig up Queen Anne's Lace and anything else that catches my eye.  I've been watching a wild rose grow by the edge of the woods in front of our neighborhood, and I've been contemplating digging it up. Is that illegal? Don't tell me, I don't want to know.

Hopefully, I'll get back in the swing of things soon and post more regularly. If not, be ready to hear more excuses next time :)

I'll leave y'all with a picture of the cutest dog in the world.


  1. love you Tristan! Miss you, you're so awesome. So glad to follow you online!

    1. I miss you too, Sharon! I hope you're doing well in Florida!


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