Monday, June 23, 2014

My Continued Love Affair with Open Shelving

Jared and I finally added some storage in our office/studio area, and I am so happy because that corner looked like this for far too long:

Jared never used the desk and had sold the computer that used to be there, so there was literally no point to have the desk in there anymore. Unless we needed something to catch dust and various other crap that seemed to find its home there. WHICH WE DIDN'T.

So I found some very simple brackets on ebay that came 20 in a box and cost around $18 bucks or so. Jared had Lowe's cut 5 boards to around 5 feet for around $55. In total, this project cost under $75 dollars, and the difference it made in the room was worth it! I didn't paint the shelves or worry about pretty brackets because I knew the shelves would be packed with so much stuff that the shelves themselves would barely be noticed. 

I found and marked the studs, and Jared started assembling the shelves.  

It turns out that the people who built our house were probably drunk or really stupid and the studs aren't even close to being even, so that's why they look a smidge wonky.

But you barely notice once I put all the stuff on the shelves.

 On the top shelf, I've got the journals that I've filled to the left of the Coke bottles and the empty journals and notebooks are on the right. The second shelf has Jared's computer books, my Christmas books, books that I tear pages out of and use for projects, and books about writing and grammar that I refer to sometimes. The third shelf holds Jared's computer parts, blank cds, my sewing machine, and my records. The fourth shelf holds books about music, stationary stuffs, and my record player. The fifth shelf holds files, a basket of misc cords and computer-y bits and our printer. The "shelf" on the floor has canvases, an old computer, and a file box.

And then I realized what it was missing. This beautiful chair.

I love it. And I love open shelving because even if it's just a bunch of stuff that you've got on the shelves, it still looks better that it would if you stored it otherwise. Plus, I love that chair and it really fits there. Jared sits in it with his laptop and works while I paint. I'm thinking I might try and convince Jared to continue the shelves on the other side of the little hutch that sits to the right of the current shelves. There's always a ton of stuff in the office, and I don't think it's possible to have too much storage space, is it?

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