Monday, June 30, 2014

Everyone Must Believe in Something. I Believe I'll Go Canoeing

Henry David Thoreau really knew what he was talking about when he said that. 

Jared and I bought a canoe last Saturday, and we love it!

We found the 14 foot Old Town canoe on Craigslist and as soon as we loaded it on the top of our car, we headed for the reservoir to try it out.

It was starting to get a little cloudy, but we figured we would just make our way back to shore before it got too bad.

Have you ever seen a more handsome man? I think not.

It's so peaceful.


Then last Sunday, we went back and went fishing. I am a strong swimmer, but I wasn't convinced Jared wasn't going to tip the canoe over, so I wore my life jacket AND my old lady gardening hat because I don't want to be leatherface before I'm in my thirties.

Obviously my legs could stand some color though. #palelegsdontcare

Dang! Sexy fisherman!

This could be the best picture of me in existence.

It is so much fun to paddle around and relax with each other. I am so excited to go again!

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