Friday, May 2, 2014

Photo Friday 5.2.2014: MASSIVE AMOUNT OF PHOTOS Edition

Welcome to Photo Friday where I show my week in pictures! Follow me on Instagram @tristantuttle! These posts are a mix of my instagram photos, pictures taken with my Canon, and photos taken by my friends and family.  For more Photo Friday, click  here.

So, this is going to be a big Photo Friday because I haven't posted a Photo Friday for the entire month of April. I'm not sure what happened this month, but hopefully I can stay on top of it this month!


Sometimes I wander around the house, and I am stunned at how cute these furbabies can be.

But my grandma is worried that Ophelia could give me Tuberculosis. So I need to be careful.

Daddy was getting ready for Action Church earlier this month! That's 52 oz. of coffee!

I love playing Action Church in Canton!

Buckshot is serious about sticks.

And he's serious about being cute.

And so is his brother PepperJack! Those eyes.

I love this little corner of our house!

I caught this kitty in a pensive moment.

She doesn't get to go outside very often, so when she does, she really soaks it all in!

This face. HONESTLY? I love it.

Jared spoiled me with a delicious t-bone steak. He's a great cook!

Buckshot fell asleep with a bone in his mouth. And then I died.

I wasn't feeling good, and he decided the best way to comfort me was to lay on top of me and chew his bone. Truth be told, it worked.

My cupholders are frequently plant holders.

We've been doing a ton of yard work, and I love how nice everything looks around our house!

 I dug out a ton of bricks to put around our mailbox from behind the old smokehouse at Mama and Daddy's house, and when I stopped by Nanny's house to check on her, she insisted we get some cuttings from her rose bushes.

I put the cuttings down near the gate. I hope they root!

I made some delicious chocolate chip banana bread this month and these two monkeys got a little too close.

Since Jared's schedule is so busy, it's rare for him to lie down and rest. Puck was taking advantage of it!

Katie taught me how to take a proper selfie, so now I feel like I've really done something with my life.

Buckshot is Bear Mountain's newest employee. He likes to sit in Jared's lap when he works from home.

I planted these red sunflower seeds, and I cannot wait for them to bloom!

Jared and I aren't pregnant just yet, but I like to plan ahead, so I'm gathering some nursery decor! I'm planning on a vintage woodland theme, so it can be gender neutral without being lame. I got that HUGE paint by number for 20 bucks off etsy (I found another the same size and in worse condition for $75!) and the embroidery for $3 at an an estate sale. I love vintage stuff.

We celebrated Katie May's 2nd birthday with cake and a lot of laughing. She's so precious.

I found out that dogs are allowed at Lowe's, so we took Buckshot so he can be around more people and in strange places. He did so good, I could have cried! He made friends with a lot of older men and the cashier loved him so much, he gave Buckshot 6 milkbones!

Buckshot has discovered shadows....He was so excited to see one on the ceiling. He just stares at them for HOURS.

We took these two chicken nuggets to the creek and then to Dairy Queen. I think it was the best day of their lives.

I love it when my students bring me art they've made themselves. It makes me so happy!

Puck interrupted our mandolin lesson. I think Rachel liked the distraction :)

PHEW! I think I'm all caught up now, so I'll stay on top of it better this month!

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