Monday, March 3, 2014

Maybe It's Time We Got Back to the Basics of Love

It is finished! I started this painting sometime last week, and I finished it up yesterday. It's far from perfect, but I kind of like it that way. 

I started by finding my inspiration photo, which just so happened to be Waylon's Greatest Hits cover. I printed out a copy, and drew a grid of 1 inch boxes over it.  Then I knew I wanted the actual painting to be bigger than the original, so I drew another grid on my canvas of 3 inch boxes. I slowly started to transfer each box over to the canvas. 

 I painted the background the same color as my kitchen walls, so it would blend into the wall.

I decided to keep doing the easy parts, so I painted his hat and his hair.

Eventually I got brave enough to attempt his face, and I think it turned out very folk art-y and that's kind of what I was going for.

I took a break because I was not looking forward to the lettering part.

I sent this picture to my sister as an in-progress photo. I was not very happy with the words and was starting to feel overly critical of myself. I had also went back over all the words with a light layer of blue paint to cover up 8093874 pencil lines that refused to erase.

So, I went back over everything with a sharpie.

...and I also changed my "and" and "that" and for some reason, it made all the difference to me, and I liked it again.

I'm especially proud of his face.

I really love the first line of "Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)" for some reason. Maybe it's because I like a guitar that tunes good (and my fellow musicians will know exactly what that means), and I fancy myself a firm-feelin' woman. Who knows?  Jared agrees on both points as well, so it fits us.

Waylon can help greet people as they come in the house now.

I'm seriously considering doing one of these for Dolly Parton. Maybe just her face, though. I haven't decided. All I know is that Waylon is a country king, and Dolly is my queen.

Do any of y'all have art (read: art that would make my grandma cringe) in y'all's homes?

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