Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Master Bedroom In-Progress

This room has come a long way, in my opinion. I don't have any before pictures, but just imagine mismatched (but not in a cute way) bedding, dog toys and fur everywhere, with absolutely nothing on the walls. 

Not cute. Not at all. 

But now look! We hung things over the bed! And the only part of it that cost anything was the lanterns because someone gave me the window frame and the mirror, and I already had everything else. 

Here's what people can see if we leave the door open from the hallway. These two tables/plant stands once belonged to Jared's grandma. They're currently acting as my bedside table, and they're a little wobbly.

Most of the time there is some dog in the room.

When you come in the room and look left, there's a lovely dog crate that will be out of there just as soon as Buckshot QUITS EATING EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE WHILE WE ARE GONE. We added a bench to the foot of the bed so that I could get into it easier, and as you can see, the dogs have dirtied it up. I'd love to recover it or something sometime soon, but we will see. I leave the blanket on the bench and put it over the bed when we are gone because I know Puck jumps up there and it helps keep the duvet cover white.

Before the dog crate came to live in our room, this dresser was in its place. We moved it next to the bed to be Jared's beside table.

I wanted our bedding to be crisp and fresh like a hotel but cozy like home. This king size duvet cover worked out great! I love how crisp it looks against the dark wood and the wall color!

This is a pretty common occurrence.

I didn't want my jewelry and our in the open, so I hid it behind the door. I also have a shelf to be hung up and some stain remover hiding behind the door. Real Life.

And there's the door to the bathroom. And a dog tail.

So, here are the things I'd like to change:

1. A taller bedside table.

Since our bed is so tall, the lamp is at a weird angle, and I sometimes have a hard time turning it on and off from bed. Parrie used to use an old sewing machine with a table top as her bedside table, and I always thought that was the coolest idea. Plus, that would be perfect in terms of those little drawers that are always on those machines so I could hide the surge protector thing that I plug all my junk into at night to charge. Isn't it so classy wrapped around the bed post? My grandma has an old machine that she said I could have, but I just have to go over there with someone to help me move it because it is heavy.

2. Re-do this wall.

I'd like to get the dog crate out of the room, shift the armoire into the corner, and put a faux fireplace on the wall at the foot of the bed. I'm hoping I'll find a cheap electric "wood" stove type thing on sale once warm weather finally gets here. In my mind, the fireplace mantel is white and I have a nice dark wood framed mirror to hang over it. I love mirrors because they reflect so much light and just make a space seem bigger and brighter.

3. Find a boxy "manly" style mirror to go on Jared's side of the bed.

Since the one on my side looks girly and snow white-y, I'd love to find something more masculine to go on his side but paint it white so it would match.

4. The carpet.

I really really really hate carpet, but since we eventually plan on using this as a rental property, Jared assures me most people expect carpet in the bedrooms, so I'd eventually like to put in some kind of carpet that hides stains but doesn't suck all the light out of the room. But that project is FAR down the line.

Things I love about this room:

1. The dark wood against the white. The contrast makes me really happy.
2. Our new mattress/bedding. I feel like we're sleeping at a really fancy hotel every night.
3. The tall ceiling.
4. The natural light.
5. The new white curtains.
6. How good it looks compared to before!

My estimate for the total cost of everything we've done in the room (buying a brand new memory foam mattress, curtains, bedding, new lamp, yard sale mirror, pair of lanterns on timers over the bed, and the small shelf that is yet to be hung up) is around $370, and we've been doing everything in stages so it's not such a hit to our bank account.

How about y'all, friends? Any plans to re-do a room in your house on the cheap?

As a side note, I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts these days. I was having trouble uploading images, but it is fixed now. YAY!

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