Friday, February 7, 2014

Photo Friday 2.7.2014

Welcome to Photo Friday where I show my week in pictures! Follow me on Instagram @tristantuttle! These posts are a mix of my instagram photos, pictures taken with my Canon, and photos taken by my friends and family.  For more Photo Friday, click  here.

My mother-in-law gave me this embroidered deer scene a few years ago, and I rediscovered it in some of my drawers this week. I've officially decided to hang it in a baby's room when the time comes. 

Mama and Katie May are the cutest together. 

One of my students gave me this for my birthday.

I was upstairs folding clothes, and when I turned around, these three were all lined up on the bed.

Katie May's sister Sarah baked this delicious carrot cake for my birthday!

The weather has been so nice, and Buckshot refused to come inside! All he wanted to do was lay under this tree and eat his stick.

I hope y'all have a safe, happy, and productive weekend!

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