Monday, February 3, 2014

Open Shelving: The New Love of My Life.

This thing of great beauty happened in my kitchen this week. 

These shelves are so beautiful to me, I honestly cannot quit looking at them. In fact, Jared caught me hanging out by the sink just staring at them because I CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF THEM. *Cue this video*

Anyway, before my kitchen became so blindingly beautiful, this happened. 

Keep in mind, it stayed like this for DAYS because all the snow and ice came, and we got absolutely nothing done.

Is this the kitchen of a 27 year old who has her life together? No. The answer is no.
 So this is how it started: I primed and painted the shelves before the snow, so when we decided to hang everything, I cleared out the hoosier cabinet, and we shoved it in the middle of the floor. Then, Jared found the studs and attached our cast iron shelf brackets to them, making sure that they were level and straight. The shelf brackets hung there for a day or so because Jared didn't have the right 3/4 inch screw to attach the shelves to the brackets and we were snowed in. Once the snow and ice cleared enough for us to go to Olive Garden (obviously the most important part of this story), we swung by Lowes while we were out and got the right screws.

Do not ask me about his outfit. I'm just his wife. 
We hung them at different spaces apart, so we could get more shelf space and mix and match what we wanted on each shelf. I love it so much.

Yes, I do have dog treats in a giant pickle jar. I'm planning on painting the lids red soon. I knew I was hoarding pickle jars in the basement for a reason!

Can you spot the birthday succulents that my friends Kim and Jason gave me for my birthday?

I love this project for multiple reasons:

1. It wasn't very expensive. In wood, paint, screws, and the shelf brackets, we have about $77 in the whole project. And our shelf brackets from Ebay are cast iron, which y'all know I love and are extremely sturdy. There's no way we could build a pantry or buy a cabinet for that amount of money that would have the impact these shelves have.

2. I HAVE ROOM IN MY CABINETS FOR FOOD NOW! Seriously, remember this picture from my post about our Fiscal Food Fast?

That was all the food storage we had in our kitchen. Our kitchen cabinets were chocked full of cups, plates, mugs, and crap we never used, so I sorted through everything and only kept things that we use and that I like to look at. (In my book, if it's pretty that's good, but if it's useful, that's even better!) Now, our cabinets are free to house food and I don't have to keep the overflow on a shelf in the basement!

3. It opens up the kitchen so much! I know there's more on display, but honestly, the kitchen seems so much bigger than before. Maybe it's because it draws the eyes toward the ceiling. Or maybe it's because there's not a huge brown thing in the kitchen. Who knows? I just love it.

And, finally, 4. It gives us more counter space. Even though the bottom half of the hoosier cabinet is still there, with the top part gone, we have more counter space. For Valentine's Day/our anniversary, Jared is going to build me a larger table to sit underneath them so we have even more counter space. I'm going to sew a skirt to go around the edge, so I can hide things that we don't use on a regular basis(like the coffee pot and toaster) under the table behind the skirt. Then, we're going to move the put-back-together hoosier cabinet upstairs to be a changing table (since the countertop slides out)/storage in a future Tuttle baby's room.

And just because I want y'all to look at my shelves some more, here's another picture.

And one more angle:

What do y'all think about open shelving? I've heard people worry about dust/pet hair/gremlins getting all over their dishes, but ours are high enough,so I'm not worried about pet hair, and I purposely chose things that we use often, so I don't think dust will collect on our dishes. Do any of y'all have open shelving? What's your experience with it?


  1. I love it, it looks great! I'm partial to open shelves as I grew up with them. However, if your house is prone to high amounts of dust (such as an old house on a dirt road), open shelves can be a problem.
    But your kitchen really looks great!

    1. Thank you, Jamie! Luckily, our house isn't' too old, but I don't really dust very often, so I've been keeping an eye on all the dishes to see how much dust collects. But, since I only put things we use often on the shelves, I think the dust won't be too bad of a problem. At least it's not so far :)

  2. remember Tristan, Lisa was THE pioneer for the open shelving! we've had them since day 1 and she had it planned before we married. your's looks great! good job! see ya, mike

    1. Lisa is my hero! Once after we had a party, Mama said I reminded her of Lisa because she's such a great hostess, and that made me so happy! I love you both!


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