Monday, February 10, 2014

I Dedicate This Post to My Fellow Fat-Bottomed Girls.

Eventually, it happens to every single pair of jeans I own. I can't help it if my thighs are naturally and beautifully thick, and my legs rub together when I walk. So, I end up with holes in the thigh-area of all my jeans. 

Instead of buying a new pair of jeans every time that happens, I decided to fix them! I found a tutorial from a like-minded woman who has similar problems and figured out how to fix it. 

For the patchwork, I used a piece of denim from a pair of jeans that I cut up to use for rags. (Ironically, it was from a pair of jeans that had a thigh hole in them that grew so large, I could no longer wear them in public for fear of indecent exposure.)

I turned the leg inside out and slid a book inside to give me a hard surface to pin my patch on.

Then, I made sure I wouldn't sew the pants legs together, and started sewing around the outside edge of the patch.

So far, so good! It doesn't look perfect, but it could be worse.

The original tutorial said to sew a grid over the actual holes as well. THIS WAS WHEN EVERYTHING WENT HORRIBLY WRONG.

The machine sucked my jeans into it like it was trying to pull it into the depths of sewing-machine-Hell. Fast forward another 45 minutes of trying to disengage my jeans from the machine, I decided to hand-sew over the hole.

I noticed that the other leg was looking a little worn, so I went ahead and hand-sewed the other leg.


So I got mad and decided to try and use the machine again. It went a little bit better this time. I also went over and colored in the white thread with a blue sharpie because THIS PROJECT WAS ALREADY SO RIDICULOUS, WHY NOT?!

My plan was to take a picture of my butt in these jeans to post here to show how you can't tell I patched these pants when I am wearing them, but the picture was extremely unflattering (Not because being fat-bottomed is unflattering because we know that's not true, but because I rushed the photographer, and I was trying to mop up an overflowing toilet at church at the time of the picture-taking. MY LIFE IS SO FANCY.), so I'm not going to subject y'all to that. But just so y'all know, you cannot see this patchwork while I am wearing the jeans. 

So now, y'all patch your own jeans, put them on, and jam out to this anthem. 


  1. Thank you for posting this! I have that same problem with my jeans. Its expensive for us beautifully thick girls to keep replacing them. I cant afford to but myself clothes! 2 growing boys, therefore, all extra clothes money goes to them! Is it hard hand sewing? Idont have a machine... Love you my beautiful cousin!! Your an inspiration to so many!!! <3

    1. Thank you! It's not hard to hand sew the patches on at all. It just takes a little longer than using a machine.


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