Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Here's a Chair Makeover with at Least Two Unnecessary Awkward Photos.

I've been slowly phasing out our tall oak kitchen chairs because I HATE THEM, and I've been collecting shorter chairs that I could paint or recover the seats. My friend Melissa is getting married and moving in with her husband and she didn't have room for this chair, so she gave it to me!

First, I took the seat off the chair.

I laid out my fabric right side down and started stapling the fabric on the straightest side of the chair seat. I started in the center and worked my way out, making sure the fabric was pulled tight. Then I made my way to the opposite side.

When It came time for the corners, I gathered the material, pulled it tight, and stapled it, making sure that it looked smooth on the opposite side.

Then I trimmed off the excess.

Jared jumped in and helped me reattach the seat. I think it was because he just likes helping me. He's good that way.

And then he saw me taking a picture and gave me Awkward Photo #1.

And then I took this Awkward Photo #2.

That's better! That's my pretty girl!

And here's our new chair!

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