Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ATTENTION! We Are Finally Decorating Our Bedroom!

This is real progress, y'all. Jared and I have had this house since 2009. I've lived there since 2010. And until yesterday, there was absolutely no decorations in our bedroom besides a mirror I painted. 

I decided to just get something over our bed to jump start this decoration progress. 

I took this window frame, and painted it white. It was originally white, but it was pretty gross, so I just put a new coat on it. I stapled some twine to the corner to make the little banner, and then arranged the pictures and cards inside of the frame. 

I bought the frames on clearance at Michael's a year or so ago, and I've been saving them for something like this. I painted them white to match the window. This photo was taken at Jenny Lake in Wyoming two summers ago.  The cards are by Sark, and I bought the small frame before Jared and I got married at Beale's.

The photo in the wooden frame was from our wedding, and the tiny gold frame was a quarter at Goodwill. The "You are so loved" card is from Katie Daisy.

I really love mirrors in a space because they make every room seem bigger. Originally, it was all dark wood with gold trim, but I painted it white and left a small amount of dark wood showing along with the gold trim to match the small gold frame in the window. 

It's not much progress, but it's some! I'll post more progress as we make it. For now, we are snowed/iced in, so we are staying warm and snuggly with our fur-babies and watching it snow. I hope y'all are staying warm and being careful!

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