Monday, January 20, 2014

More Cast Iron Kitchen Storage!

I got several new pieces of cast iron for Christmas (plus one giant skillet I found at the thrift store), and I had officially run out of space to hang them, so we decided to make another rack to hang some of them on. The best part about this project? It didn't cost us anything!

This large set of 2x4s was used to help hold up the back deck while it was under construction. Then they came to rest out in front of our house for a couple of years. 

So, Jared cut them down to around 7 feet tall and separated them.

Handsome man!

Then, he ground off the excess metal with a grinder and then went over them with a belt sander.

I stained each board with the same stain we used on the other skillet rack, but since one of the boards had spent so much time facing the sun, it was significantly lighter than the other. I ended up mixing some of the stain we used on the back deck to get the lighter board to look darker.

Then, I found the studs and Jared hung the boards. Once the boards were up, we arranged everything how we wanted it. Easy Peasy!

I don't think we will hang anything we use on a regular basis very low on the boards because of the dogs running back and forth everywhere, but we could hang decorative pieces there instead.

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