Monday, January 27, 2014

Inspiration Files: Open Shelving + a Tiny Bit of Progress

One of our goals this year is to get more storage in the kitchen, and I've become obsessed with the idea of open shelving. So, of course, I went to Pinterest and found some beautiful examples!

Jared and I found some cast iron brackets similar to these to use. I just love those blues!


I really love how this has so much counter space underneath the shelves, and that's something that we are going to try and go for with this project as well. In my mind, there will be a table under the shelving, and I was going to make a skirt for it like what is hanging under these counters. I want to be able to hide small appliances, Christmas dishes, and other things that aren't necessary for our day to day living.


I love everything about this picture. The painted cabinets, the red teapot, the sprig of rosemary in the jar...everything.

We have made a smidgen of progress on our version of the project. Jared went to Lowe's and got six 1x10x48 shelf pieces cut, and I primed both sides of them.

Now we've just got to paint both sides, hang the shelves, find a table, paint the table, make some table curtains, and get everything all organized! No big deal, right?

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