Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flooring Progress! Kind of.

Okay, I'm going to get real with y'all. This is what the upstairs landing looked like in my house the day before yesterday. The holidays have messed. me. up. I came home from a wonderful party at our friends' home and saw the piles of laundry, guitar cases, guns (Jared had gone shooting with his family NYE), and the nasty carpet and I LOST IT.  (Also, I apologize for the cell phone pictures. I was in such a rage, I didn't think to grab my good camera and get actual before and after photos.)

Blurry Puck. 
So Monday while Jared was at work, I decided to actually fold and put away the laundry, and then I started ripping out the carpet. I literally could not stand it for one more minute. (Disclosure: most of my projects get started because I can't stand something for one more minute.)

You can kind of tell how nasty the carpet was in the pictures, but let me tell you, they do not do the awfulness of this carpet justice.

I left little pieces of carpet near the bedrooms because I wasn't sure how close Jared would get to the doorways when he put in the new floor, so I left more than I needed to, I'm sure.

Even though the subfloor is grungy and weird, it's not the carpet, so it's already an improvement. And guess what?! This is progress on our second goal for 2014: finish the freakin' floors! 

Jared's new schedule means he will only have the weekends to work on these things, so I have no idea when the floors will be finished, but I'm just glad to have the carpet gone!

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