Thursday, December 12, 2013

Upcycled Gift Bags

Once upon a time, I was an Avon lady. I wasn't a very good one, truth be told, and when I decided to quit selling it, I ended up with probably 100 extra Avon bags.

What was I supposed to do with that many Avon bags?!

Last night, I needed a smallish bag for some presents I'm giving my Crafty Day girls, so I pulled out these bags. Of course, I didn't want to give them the gifts inside of a bag with AVON across them, so I decided to get crafty with some brown paper and some vintage gift tags my Nanny gave me.

I found my bags and measured how large of a strip of brown paper I would need to cover up the Avon logo.

Look at these cute tags!!

Once I cut the brown paper, I glued it to the bags and then glued the "Don't Open 'till Christmas" tag over the brown paper. Since they were really old, they don't really stick very well even with glue, so I ended up using a large piece of tape to secure everything. 

I think they turned out pretty cute!

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