Wednesday, December 18, 2013

BWFB and the Appalachian Christmas Giveaway 2013

This year the Bruce Weeks Family Band had the wonderful opportunity to be the day's musical entertainment at the Appalachian Christmas Giveaway. This year it was hosted in Harlan, KY, and it was such a blast to be a part of it!

People lined up outside to get their chance to "shop" for twenty minutes in the gymnasium. Every child was fitted for shoes and clothes, while the parents shopped for toys. Each group got tickets to win a bicycle as well. 

I didn't get a chance to take photos before everything started, so these photos are about two hours after the giveaway started. 

My beautiful Mama!

The entire upper balcony on the right is filled with bags of food!

Those two are Larry and Linda Woodson. They're the folks who put on this great event every year.


Each family left with a bag full of groceries and some juice as well.

Once the line came inside, they waited in the cafeteria area...

...until they made it into the auditorium with us! I asked them if they'd wave for the camera before we started the next song.

If you'd like to see the videos from years past, click here.

Thankfully, this year there was enough toys and food to go around, although in the past they have run out of supplies and donations. If you'd like to contribute to this WONDERFUL blessing, more information can be found here.

It truly is a gift to be a part of something that brings such joy to others. In many cases, without this giveaway the children in these areas would wake up to nothing on Christmas day. You and I know that Christmas isn't about the gifts, but it is about Christ's love and that's what Praise Ministries International helped show everyone this past weekend. I hope y'all will be in prayer for next year's event.

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