Friday, November 8, 2013

Photo Friday 11.8.2013

Welcome to Photo Friday where I show my week in pictures! Follow me on Instagram @tristantuttle ! These posts are a mix of my instagram photos, pictures taken with my Canon, and photos taken by my friends and family.  For more Photo Friday, click here.

My week has consisted of these weird dogs and brooch bouquets while nursing a cold. Hopefully I'll be on the mend soon, but in the meantime here's a cute puppy basking in the sunshine.

It doesn't matter how big she is or how small a space available, Puck will try and fit.

I started work on a new brooch bouquet for my friend Melissa's wedding in February!

He could be a male model, I swear.

File under: places Ophelia likes to hang out but probably shouldn't be.

I hope y'all have a happy and safe weekend!

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