Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kitchen Table Makeover Part 3!

To catch up on the other installments, click here and here.

It is finished!!! I am so excited to have my kitchen table back! 

Once I finished re-painting the pedestal with approximately 3 coats of Cut Ruby, it finally stopped looking pink. NEXT TIME I WILL USE A GRAY PRIMER. Thank Jesus it is finally red!

Then, I used Minwax waterbased Polycrylic protective finish to seal the table top. I followed the manufacturer's instructions and waited 24 hours to use the table. It looks so great! The only thing I would warn y'all about if you try your own version of this project is to beware of FUZZIES. Fuzzies are those really annoying things that float around in your air, but you never notice them until you start sealing your table and find little particles of stuff stuck in the clear coat. They are really annoying. I decided not to seal the base 1. because I was sick to death of painting the pedestal (real talk, y'all.) and 2. because the legs don't stick out so far that people will be putting their feet on them all the time. 

So, without further ado, here's our table!

Ophelia's ready for supper!

I'm hoping to slowly phase out the tall brown chairs for shorter ones that I'll probably paint. I also have plans for that yellow chair as well! 

Thanks for following along with this project! I'm so so so glad it's over! :) 

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