Monday, November 4, 2013

Fourth Annual Crafty Costume Party!

Our Fourth Annual Crafty Costume Party was a ton of fun this year! If you'd like to see the other party photos, click here and here. (For some reason, I didn't take any pictures at the second one...Or at the very least didn't post them, so I'll have to go back and find them to post later.)

On to the pictures!

We dressed up Baby Buckshot as a hot dog. He was the cutest thing in the world. He has also perfected begging.

He learned from the cutest ballerina to ever wear a purple tutu.

Jared dressed up as Bob from Bob's Burgers! 

Both sets of our parents came as well. Pops is a mystery member of the Duck Dynasty cast, and Daddy is...well, Daddy. He didn't want to dress up in a costume, but he did put on his nicest shooting shirt, so that's good too.

Both of our mamas dressed up! Ma is a painter (complete with painter's tape bracelet on the other arm), and Mama is a farm girl.

Rachel was The Cat in the Hat again this year because it's her favorite costume, Connie was Louise from Bob's Burgers (she made her own hat!) and Christina was a female version of the Doctor from Doctor Who.

Christina made it her mission to get selfies with everyone at the party 1. because she takes really good pictures of herself, and 2. she could get pictures of everyone at the party!

I was Tina from Bob's Burgers, but at this point my hair barrette had fallen out and my wig was looking really sad.

Jonathan was a zombie.

At this point in the party, Christina had become the party photographer, so these are all from her!

Kelly looked beautiful even with her stitches.

Later in the party Jared Foster, Jess, and her sister Jaclyn came! Jared was Billy Mays, and I think it was the best costume of the night. seriously.

Jaclyn's mask was beautiful! Jess was dressed as a hipster, but we didn't get any photos of her except in the group shot at the end of the party.

I like to get a few pictures of me and Jared at every party so we can remember our costumes when we're old. Jared's mustache kept falling off throughout the whole party!

He decided it looked better behind his ear.

 Typical Tina face.

I...I don't know.

Kate was the last to arrive because her work day lasted much longer than she had anticipated. And Christina was there to get in one last selfie!

We rearranged some furniture and took our group photo inside this year because it was much too dark to attempt it outside. We're a good looking bunch!


What did y'all do to have a bit of fun around Halloween?

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