Thursday, October 3, 2013

Second Anniversary Trip!

One of the reasons I've been MIA lately is because Jared and I took a wonderful vacation to Panama City, Florida. We went down on a Sunday and it was pretty cloudy, but beautiful.

*Quick note: there will be a TON of sunset pictures. Just, fyi. 

Our condo was right on the water and we were on the 20th floor, so we always had a great view.

The sun came out eventually, and we went to the beach to splash!

Jared took this picture of me, and I swear to you I'm not pregnant, but one day when I am, I'll just use this photo to make that announcement.

This one is better.

We stayed on the beach to watch the sun go down.

This is the condo we stayed in: Sunrise Beach Condominiums.

The birds made the coolest tracks in the sand.

Beach Selfies!

I'm almost positive this is a jellyfish.

The rest of these photos are the day-to-day photos from my phone.

A sweet lady asked if we wanted her to take our picture. She said it was always hard to get pictures of yourselves when you go on vacation alone. I thought it was nice of her to offer.

Jared grabbed my phone for this one.

These crazy birds were everywhere! They'd wait around for someone to drop something delicious and then they'd descend on it like crazy things!

I was also surprised at the amount of pigeons that hung out on the beach. The gulls would make the pigeons do all the work digging in the sand to find food, and then they would steal it from them!

Jared and I ate at this delicious diner, but Jared ate too much and felt like death. I took a photo opportunity.

Here's the view from our balcony!

We also ate at this fancy pants restaurant with a 25,000 gallon saltwater aquarium. This shark photobombed my photo of this beautiful lionfish.

I tried to paint the sunset...I need to watch some Bob Ross videos STAT.

Jared is a man who really loves to dig holes. He was especially proud of this one he dug with his foot.

This was the sunset on the last night of our trip. It was breath-taking.

The trip was fantastic! Jared and I considered this our second anniversary trip since we had a "staycation" during our actual anniversary. This was much better :) 

Thanks for being patient with me while I get ready for the Marble Festival and for Connie's wedding; I'll post more regularly soon! 

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