Monday, October 14, 2013

Meet Buckshot Tuttle!

This little bundle of distraction is Buckshot! He's the newest and cutest member of the Tuttle household and we love him a lot! LOOK AT HIS FACE! 

He loved Petsmart and right after this picture was taken, he was mobbed by a family who thought he was too cute to handle.

He really loves Puck, so I've been going around saying "AWWWWW LOOK AT THEM TOGETHER!"

This is his favorite spot: at the foot of my chair on a pile of toys.

It's a tough life.

He sits on this rug every time I start cooking.

Tag team toy time.

He loves tennis balls!


This melts my heart. 

And so does this!

It has been such a blessing to see Puck and Buckshot become friends and play together. Puck never has had a puppy friend before, and we can tell she's happier since Buckshot came to be with us! 

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