Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BWFB with John Bowman and The Primitive Quartet!

Our family had the absolute privilege of opening for both John Bowman and The Primitive Quartet this past weekend! We felt good about our set of music, John's voice is like that of an angel's, and The Primitives are such a great group of talented and sweet musicians. 

Also, I wish I had John Bowman's voice. Not to get weird, but I would totally steal it Ursula-style and wear it around my neck in a shell. Did that get weird? Probably. 

Aside from the incredible performances, the best part was after the show was over. We had the opportunity to talk with the guys and learn a few things from people who've been traveling musicians for decades.

Us with Norman from The Primitive Quartet
Us with John Bowman!
Daddy and Norman got along great since they're both crazy people. In a good way!

I can't tell you how much it meant to me that these guys took the time to talk and laugh with us! It's not everyday you get to hang out with some musical greats!

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