Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Updating a Thrift Store Basket

This post could also be titled, "I love painter's tape." Because I do. And it is so very very handy for little projects like this one!

I bought this basket for $1.91 at my local Goodwill. It has a plastic liner in it, so I assume it was supposed to be a planter.

I taped off where I wanted to paint.

And then I painted it.

Then I decided I wanted to paint an upside down triangle on the other sides. I picked orange for my next color.

Turns out, I hate orange. So I painted over it with a minty-green color.

I took it outside and sprayed it with a clear-coat spray to seal the paint. I put some Wandering Jew plant in it, and now it's ready to go! I'm thinking of hanging this basket somewhere, but for now it can sit on my piano.

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