Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quick Update!

I am still here, y'all. We've been feeling stressed and busy over here, so here's what's been happening. 

Jared went and climbed a mountain with his mom, and my sister stayed with me at my house along with her new puppy. He's super cute, but he pees A LOT. 

PepperJack and Puck love each other! PepperJack loves Puck so much he tried to nurse on her. So funny!

Jared and I are going to head to the beach next week, and I've got 890233 things to do before we can go adventuring.


The day after we get back, I'm driving back to the mountains to pick up our new puppy while Jared jumps back into work.

He's got the sweetest face!

The following week, we are setting up our booth at the Georgia Marble Festival. 

This is our booth from last year!

Then, my friend Connie's wedding festivities start, and I'm in charge of a few of the bouquets, so I've got to buckle down and finish those up.

So, on top of our usual responsiblities, we have all this other stuff to work on, so if I'm not around quite as often, please understand! I'm planning on stopping in and updating every so often, but it won't be as regular as it is now. 

I'll get back to our regularly scheduled posts after The Georgia Marble Festival! Thanks for understanding!

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