Monday, August 5, 2013

Some Bedroom Greenery!

Our bedroom has been a disaster zone ever since I moved in. My clothes are piled in the corner. Plus, I've been sick recently so there was tissues and cough drop wrappers EVERYWHERE. Super romantic, let me tell you. So, I've been trying to spruce up the room, and for me that almost always means a plant is involved. We have such great light coming in the windows, so I decided to utilize it.

But first, a little history: A long time ago, Mama bought a really pretty candle holder. It was shaped like a lamp and a small glass votive holder held a small candle. A glass shade set on top of the votive holder and it was really pretty looking. 

Fast forward to a few years ago when the votive holder got broken. Mama gave me the pieces because I liked the colors and I decided to turn it into--what else?-- a planter. 

It turns out that the hole in the top of the shade fit perfectly over the base of the candle holder, so I just inverted the shade, filled it with dirt and stuck this clearance beauty inside!

I love the purple shade of the glass.

My mother in law gave me this ashtray so I could turn it into a magnetic pin holder, but the glass was too thick. I like to put my planters on top of cute plates and saucers so there's always something pretty hiding somewhere! This was the perfect place for it (for now. I'm always swapping stuff around!). Plus, this protects the plant stand since my new planter isn't water-tight.

The plant stand itself I bought for under 10 bucks at Goodwill!

I love giving new life to something that would have been thrown out! It's so much fun to see where it will turn up! Use your imagination!

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