Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This weekend was such a great time. We went to Bryson City, North Carolina to play at a music park. While we were there, the pastor's wife told us that they had puppies at their house, and of course we wanted to see them!

Daddy was actually excited about the puppies, but he was annoyed that we kept saying, "Wait! One more picture!!"

I fell in love with a pup her owner named Dixie.

Kate fell in love with this little guy she named Pepper Jack! He's going to come home with us in a few weeks!

Jared and I are going to visit with them again, so he can meet the puppies too. Maybe Puck and Ophelia will get another sister in a few weeks!

These little (mostly) blue heeler pups looked like little piggies with puppy faces! And they'd waddle around and grunt just like little pigs!

Seriously. Look at those little roly-poly bellies!

This little guy is Bruno. He was the only one with brown markings, and he is a rowdy guy! He kept untying our shoes and tugging on our clothes.

Pepper Jack!

Obviously, I love my nephew already.


Dixie likes to walk all over your feet! But she's cute, so she can walk on my toes anytime.

Look at that baby face!!!!

This mama dog was TIRED.

This was one proud papa!

I promise I'll get back to home improvement projects soon. I just thought y'all could use some puppy therapy this week!

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