Friday, August 23, 2013

Photo Friday: 8.23.2013

Welcome to Photo Friday where I show my week in pictures! Follow me on Instagram @tristantuttle ! These posts are a mix of my instagram photos, pictures taken with my Canon, and photos taken by my friends and family.  For more Photo Friday, click here.

Hi y'all! I hope everyone's had a great week!

This dahlia was the most beautiful flower I had ever seen. There's no filter on this photo; that's just God's artistic hand at work!

This not-so-little guy became my pond buddy for the day.

And this beautiful butterfly graced the hibiscus plant by our front door. I've seen this same one with the tattered tail feathers several times this week, which made me really happy.

I cleaned and semi-organized our laundry room. It doesn't look like much, but if you had seen it before...

And yes, that is a picture of Jesus over our washing machine because he washed our sins away. :)

I came across the largest peace lily I had ever seen this week. It's blooms were as big as my hands!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!


  1. wow! how old do you think that peace lily is ?

    1. I'm not sure. I know it was given to them at a funeral about 5 years ago, and I remember it being fairly large then, but nothing like it is now!


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