Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Instrument Wall!

Jared and I are both musicians. I teach my students several different instruments and travel as a road musician, and Jared plays banjo in our worship band at church. Needless to say, we have a lot of instruments. So we came up with this:

This is what we started off with. Jared and I have rearranged the furniture in here a couple of different times, so these windows have been shoved over several times. Our last rearrangement left them awkwardly to the left.

So my sexy man started taking the windows down!

And then we shifted them over! That section isn't quite finished, so I'll show y'all that later, but this is what we were left with.

I bought three of these instrument hangers from amazon (found here). The reviews said the hangers were amazing for the price, but when you mount them not to use the screws they provided because they were cheap. So we used our own.

Jared checked for studs started hanging up our instruments!

I moved my guitar planter to this wall since it gets better light. Plus, it fits right in!

I hung this tile that my friend Melissa brought back from Spain for me. According to my rusty Spanish it says, "Who loves music, loves life."

I love how it turned out! And it's really convenient as well. I've found I'm more apt to practice if I have easy access to these instruments!

The only problem with this wall is that we have 6 more instruments to find a place for: three more guitars, a banjo, a dulcimer, and one more mandolin!

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