Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Well, to start off with, the mirror was on someone's lawn, but that's fine. It's on the wall now and that's all that matters! For ten bucks, this beauty came home with us!

It started looking like this amidst piles of our shoes...

Chippy gold paint isn't really my thing, so I decided to paint it white! I took the actual mirror out and, of course, cut myself.  Be careful if y'all decide to tackle a similar project! Gross!

I lightly sanded it and then painted it with a glossy spray paint/primer.

I decided to hang it in the bedroom for now, but we were thinking of using it to replace our builder's grade mirror in the bathroom later.

Ophie approves.


 I'll leave you with this terrifying image:

In Jared's defense, he had dental work done and is very proud of his chompers...

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