Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Houseplant Roll Call!

It's time to come clean. I have a true addiction. To houseplants.

I know. 

It's a real problem. Most of my plant success (and failure) has been through trial and error, but I really like to try and grow things. My go-to plants are a pothos vine and a peace lily. They are practically indestructible! The peace lily will let you know when it needs water because it will wilt and then perk right back up when you water it!  What's great about a pothos vine is that you just have to break off a piece and stick it in some dirt and it will root. Or stick it in water and it will root. They might root on the moon if you could get them up there. They're great! 

Anyway, I decided to show y'all my collection and come clean about the amount of these things that are living in our house. 

I recently split up a larger peace lily and put one of the smaller ones in this shell planter. It looks so sunshine-y in the window.

My neighbors went dumpster diving at the end of last summer and they gave me this peace lily. It looked pretty sad before, but it looks much better now. I put it in this corner to try and cover up this corner of mystery electronic equipment. It is potted in a pink trash can.

I'm looking for a place to hang this mistletoe cactus. Right now, it's sitting by the fireplace.

This is another peace lily from the one I divided. My mother in law gave me this crock I put it in.

This diffenbachia was given to me by my friend Jess. Her mother gave it to her, but she was accidentally killing it, so she gave it to me to rescue. It's put out new leaves and looks better now!

I put a cutting of my mistletoe cactus in this green glass in hopes that it will root and I can start a new one.

One of my students gave me this pink cactus a couple of months ago. I was worrying I would kill it because I don't do well with these types of cacti but I've ignored my instincts, and it seems to be doing okay!

My aunt gave me these cactus cuttings. I haven't tried to re pot them because I feel like I should and as I said, I'm doing my best to ignore everything I've done in the past with cacti like these.

I wrote about this plant and planter here. This philodendron really seems to like it right in the light from the window.

This pothos vine got really sad after I made this planter. (Here's the original post), but since we moved it to the opposite wall, it looks much happier.

I'm not sure what to do about this spider plant. It doesn't seem too happy here and the leaf tips looks dry and burnt. When I move it away from the light, it looks sad too. Any tips?

This ZZ plant was given to me by Parrie. I kept it upstairs in the bedroom, but it hated it there. It's grown so much downstairs, it tipped over and I had to stake it up!

This pothos vine is about 5 years old at least. It was miserable at my parents' house when I first bought it and now it's taking over our kitchen. I've been meaning to pull off the brown leaves, but I've been lazy.

My aunt gave me a Christmas cactus when we had our housewarming party three years ago. It's still in the original pot and it's bloomed regularly every year. I've killed every other Christmas cactus I've ever owned.

I've been keeping this peace lily (yet another one from the big one I divided) on the table. It seems happy here.

Since I have 800 peace lilies from that one that I divided up, I put this one in water as an experiment. It has put out tiny babies, so I guess it's doing okay.

This pothos vine was a cutting from the pothos vine in my office. I put this cutting in this planter as another experiment. It's got little roots going everywhere!

This is the pothos vine in my office. This is thrilling stuff, I know. 

And of course, here's the pothos vine in our bedroom in the planter I made from my mama's broken candle holder. 

I've also got some outside! These are cuttings I took from the vine in the kitchen. I'll bring them in when the weather gets cold.

Jared's mama rooted two pineapple plants for me, so they are out by the pond until the weather cools off.

Parrie gave me this plant. I'm not sure what it is, but it's very sharp!

Here's another plant like the other from Parrie and the other pineapple plant.

This snake plant has been on the front porch for the whole summer. Some of my petunias went to seed and they fell into this pot. I've just let them grow in it for now. It was a pleasant surprise!

Studies have shown that people with houseplants have cleaner air in their homes, and that will be my excuse for having so many plants. It's for our health.

So I don't feel too bad that I bought these babies on sale at Kroger 10 for 10 dollars!

Now I just have to find places to put my dracaena, diffenbachia, wandering jew, and spider plant!


  1. The one your friend gave you with the sharp points looks like a Spanish Bayonet.

    1. Thank you, Linda! Hers got to be HUGE! Mine haven't grown like hers yet though.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I started following your blog a few days ago--after your fantastic Offbeat Home post about your bathtub pond. I really love the projects on which you've been working!

    I love all your plants--I've been trying to improve my green thumb over the years and grow new things. For years, all I could manage to keep alive were golden pothos and some lucky bamboo. Kept both basically just in water, because it was easier to maintain a water level than to remember to regularly water. Thankfully, I'm beyond that point now.

    I love to save seeds and pits from fruits and veggies and see if I can get them to grow. Not that I'm too concerned about getting food off of them in the future, but they make interesting houseplants. Some of them haven't survived over the years (grapefruit, pepper plants, beans--my cat killed those, apple...), but I have a pomegranate and an avocado yet, and I might have a nectarine soon, if the pit I planted does anything...

    Sorry for the long comment, I just wanted to say "hey, I love what you're doing!"

    1. Thank you for commenting! I'm so glad they decided to use my project! I haven't tried any lucky bamboo, but I'm keeping an eye out for some on clearance. Most of my plants come from the clearance aisle. My friend Parrie that I've written about a few times grew a papaya tree ON ACCIDENT! She threw the pit into her compost pile and before she knew it, she had a 12 foot tree! OF course, she was a crazy good gardener and could grow anything.

      I love your scarves! They are absolutely beautiful!

    2. Thanks for your response! You know, that happened to my parents with butternut squash a couple of years ago. Apparently some seeds made its way to the compost pile, and next season, they discovered a ton of vines with squash. I think at one point I guessed that I probably picked at least 25 of those suckers. They still have squash in the freezer, as one can only eat so much in one season...or several seasons...

      Thanks for checking out my page, too!

    3. I wish my own garden would be so prolific! I made a great garden bed in the backyard before the trees leafed out, and planted everything. Then the leaves came on the trees and shaded everything and absolutely nothing grew. it was disappointing!


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