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Home is Where the Heart Is Home Tour: Piano Wall/Entryway

Technically, we don't really have an entryway, but I feel like this wall is the first thing anyone sees when they step in the house, so they enter in that direction and that makes it an entryway. Whatever. I'm calling it an entryway, and if someone doesn't like it, they can't come over to hang out with me.

This wall idea got started when Daddy said I could have their piano. This piano was the one Mama played every Sunday at the first church Daddy pastored, so I definitely wanted it. The problem was figuring out a time to move it. Everyone's schedules were opposite of each other, so it literally took months to get a time where everyone could do it!

The following photos are from my sister's phone. I was too busy praying to take pictures. 

My friends Hayden and James loaded it up at Mama and Daddy's.

Once we got it to our house, Hayden drove it down the driveway. Terrifying.

James got lost somewhere between Mama's house and mine, but Jared, Josh, and Hayden moved it in.


James found his wife and my house along the way, and Mama and Daddy stopped by after the work was done to see it!

And here is how it looked the night we got it in the house.

The next day while Jared was at work, I started working on the wall, and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

I'm planning on recovering the bench with the fabric that's currently tucked into it and painting the bench blue.

The mirror was given to us by Jared's Aunt Sheryl and Uncle Gene. The turquoise chair is part of a set of chairs that belonged to my great-grandma Gladys.

I love collection walls. I don't know if that's what they're called, but that's what I call them. None of the items on this wall really have any association with each other, other than the fact that I liked them. I've decided that everything doesn't have to "go" with each other; if I like it, then it "goes" because I say it goes. I feel like that's really freed me up to experiment with new things.

For example, I've got a chipped plate, a music book from the 50s, a business card from Katie Daisy, a couple of paintings I made, a small Shakespeare button, 2 framed art cards by Sark, and a small wall hanging my cousin sent me from Afghanistan while he was serving our country. None of these things really go together, but I love them!

I absolutely love this book I thrifted because it's got great colors and illustrations. I couldn't figure out how to display it unless I stood it up on the back of the piano, but it kept falling over. Finally I just decided to buy an oversized plate hanger, and once I bent the prongs to reach around the book, it worked great! I got this funky red frame as a gift from Grandma, and I loved that card's message, so I put them together.

Art card by Sark.
I love this cards message too. "you are enough/you have enough/you do enough"

Art card by Sark.
 Another reason to love Katie Daisy, is that when you order something from her, sometimes she throws in these oversized business cards!

I painted this tile with a reminder to myself. I got that Shakespeare pin when Jared and I went to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at The Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta. Shakespeare is wearing a Braves hat, and I love it. The pin back fell off, but I used some blue poster puddy to attach it to the wall.

I love the Shaker symbol/phrase "Hands to work, hearts to God." I painted that wall hanging as well. Daddy bought me a set of dishes at a yard sale and this chipped plate was part of them.

These pictures have hung on this wall ever since we moved in. They're from the first Crafty Costume Party and Jared and I were Zombie bride and groom. They're some of my favorite pictures of us. That small wall hanging next to it is from Afghanistan.

This is an altered puzzle I made a few years ago.

The best part of this wall? The fact that there's still room to add more! And the fact that it cost me nothing to put together; I just collected things from different areas of the house. I do have a small collection of art that I put aside until I can find a place to put it, so I pulled from that pile as well.

Ophelia's very curious about this new area.

This one cracks me up.

Puck has been sitting next to me when I play. Of course, I'm a tad bit rusty and I'll hit wrong notes on occasion. When it happens a lot, she puts her paw on the bench and growls at me. I AM NOT KIDDING.

If you come by, be sure not to trip on the dog.

Phew! Thanks for hanging in there until the end! For all of the other home tour posts, click here.

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