Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Be a Light, Y'all.

Hi, y'all! Do you ever feel like you've got something to say, but you don't know why? That's what this post is. Bear with me :)

Photo by Katie Weeks Photography
I feel very blessed to be known as a person who has a positive attitude. I don't say that in any way to brag on myself; I've been told that is how people view me. And I love that. I know it's not always true, but I strive for that attitude. I stumble and fail, but I always want to be an encourager. I want to be like my Mama. I want to speak life into every situation I come into; I want to be light.  To quote Rumi: I want to "be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder." I want to uplift always. I pray that God's light always shines from my eyes, my lips, my heart.

So why are people so negative? I think people are negative because they are afraid and fear is easier to accept. We fear what we don't know. Or we fear what we DO know and that's worse. It is so easy to give into fear and use examples of other people's failings to squash any hope in other people. "Be Realistic" is one of the most soul-deadening phrases I can think of. Of course it is important to think about food, shelter, money, and things of that nature; I am not advocating irresponsible living. I'm suggesting being open to your calling. Be aware that there is more to life than 9-5. Realize that you are here for a holy purpose and those thousands of dollars of debt are holding you back from ever fulfilling your calling. Trust that if God has laid something on your heart, he will make a way for it to happen. Be willing to move when He says it is time.

The bible talks about how the power of life and death is in the tongue. Our words have a powerful effect on those around us. We can wound their spirit, and that is dangerous. We have the power to uplift and encourage those around us with our actions, our words, our attitude, our money (yes. even our money) and with our time. If you have a kind word for someone, say it. If you have a gift you'd like to give someone, give it. If you have food to share, share it. If you have room in your heart for others, show it. Give. Give. Give.

Be a servant to others. Parrie's last days taught me that. At the end, I was at her house every morning, fixing her tea, making sure she had breakfast. That last week was one of the most trying times of my life so far. On her last day here, I went over to start her breakfast and do what I could before I had to leave to play a bluegrass festival. I was rushing here and there trying to cram in as much stuff on the list as I could. She asked me if I would help her bathe. As I sat at the foot of her bed, gently washing her feet, I realized what a gift I was given in her. She invested her time in me, and I, in turn, invested my time in her. Invest your time in people instead of things.

I pray that the Lord constantly pushes me and Jared to remember His will and His plan for our life together. I want our home to be a reflection of the blessings he's given us. I want our testimony to be on of endless grace and generosity. Sometimes I look over my life and see the amazing, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic blessings I've been given and I could cry with happiness. I've lived lifetimes in my 26 years. I've been blessed with so much more than I deserve, and I hope I can be a blessing to others as well.

I hope that if you stumbled on this post, you will follow what God has for you out there. I hope you become a light in your home and community. Thank y'all for reading the ramblings from my heart. I love y'all. 


  1. This was such a blessing to me, Tristan. Really brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for being bold and sharing this. :)


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