Monday, June 10, 2013

Toccoa Valley Campground Summer 2013

This past weekend, Jared and I went camping with our families and it was wonderful! I took some (a million) snapshots this weekend.

It rained for a while, and we had to use a tarp for a while.

It has been really rainy lately, so the water was high this trip!

Mean Muggin'!

The campground also runs tubes and other watercraft down the river, and we had a blast! Jared and I rafted with his parents, while everyone else tubed.

The campground is really beautiful.

Mama's pretty toes in the water.

 I love this little bit of upcycling here!

This was the start of what we called Tarp City. Jared's parents tent camped next to us, and they hate getting rained on, so they constructed the most elaborate tarp system I've ever seen.

Tarp City has a two car garage!

We jammed a little everyday as a family, but this was just Daddy, my sister's boyfriend John, and our friend Mike.

John is a great fiddle player. He plays in a band called Grassville and they're really going places! Plus, my sister thinks he's dreamy, so it's a good thing he's around!

Mike's daughters spent a good deal of time catching creatures and playing with them. Bethany, the middle girl, gave everyone snails to hold...

Katie May loved Jared's parents' dog Layla!

Bethany made "a habitat" for a turtle she found.

 We also went on a trip to a beautiful waterfall, but I'm saving those pictures until next time!

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