Saturday, June 15, 2013

Photo Friday: Saturday Edition 6.15.2013

Welcome to Photo Friday where I show my week in pictures! Follow me on Instagram @tristantuttle ! These posts are a mix of my instagram photos, pictures taken with my Canon, and photos taken by my friends and family.  For more Photo Friday, click here.

Last week, I skipped Photo Friday because we left for our camping trip. I'm a day behind for this week's Photo Friday, so I've got some catching up to do!

One of my new students brought me this cute cactus with this pot as a gift. I love it! I just hope I don't kill it.

I snuggled with this baby cat!

Then I snuggled with both of my babies!

Everything has bloomed out so beautifully!

I made plans with Daddy to get my bathtub moved for my pond, and while I was back home, I snapped this shot of Daddy doing what he loves.

Do y'all remember this little plant? Look at it's progress!

I've started a commissioned mosaic window that I cannot wait to finish! I've got to grout it, and then I'll be finished!

Jared and I have missed out on spending time together recently, so we treated ourselves to a little Cheeseburger Bobby's. Jared loves lettuce and another thing his shirt mentions.

He also brought home these beautiful roses!

A small tornado touched down between our town and Holly Springs. Most everyone was fine, other than some property damage. We weren't really affected aside from being without power for 2 days. We toughed it out as best we could. I'm happy things weren't worse.

While we were out of power, we loaded up our cooler to save what we could from the fridge...unfortunately, our cooler leaked and caused some floor damage. I know it looked like I was trying to summon Satan or something, but I was just using rice to attempt to dry out the seams of the floor.

These Black-Eyed-Susans are killing me! They've really taken off this year.

This little girl officially started her dog training. She's a little tired.

This next week I hope to tell you more about the wonderful men in my life in honor of Father's Day and  show y'all my bathtub pond! I can't wait!

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