Monday, June 24, 2013

I Destroyed a Guitar, and I Don't Feel Bad About It. Well, Only a Little.*

A few years ago, Nanny gave me a guitar because she thought some of my students could use it. It was in pretty sad shape. I mean, just look at the headstock on this was snapped off at one point and someone tried to glue it back's in horrible shape. Fun fact! The average guitar has at least 220 lbs of pressure on the neck because of the strings; this thing would snap in half if I tried to put strings on it!

Someone had tried to put 3 sets of tuners on this guitar. There are another set of holes on the side of the headstock that shows it started with the tuning pegs on the side. 

Someone had carved out where their bar chords should go...

After 2+ years of it sitting in a corner collecting dust, I decided to turn it into a planter because if I don't know what to do with something, I put a plant in it. 

The back was already separating from the front, so it was easy to peel it off. 

 Inside was pretty disgusting...

I added a couple of blocks of wood to give my tiny plant pot a place to sit.

I screwed the back piece back on, but left it loose, so the a back could swivel open and close. I hid a plant in a small pot in side of the guitar and hung it on a stud with an elaborate system of yarn. I'm going to replace the yarn with fishing line soon.


I chose a pothos plant because they are very low maintenance. I'm hoping it will grow out towards the light soon. 

*I do feel a little bad about tearing up this guitar because my entire life has revolved around instruments and taking care of them, but this one was beyond hope! I'd only tear up an instrument if there was no possible way to salvage it!

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