Monday, June 3, 2013

Home is Where the Heart is Tour: Living Room!

 I've had several people ask me to post some photos of our house, so I thought I'd start our little home tour with the living room.

Also, while I was taking these photos, I was watching Hoarders. I have no shame.

Here's what it looked like when we first moved in.

Since we bought this house, we painted the walls of this room yellow, replaced the ceiling fan, put in wood floors, and added our personality into the space.Jared and I have been so blessed. While I was thinking about what all we have and where it came from, I realized that we have bought very little. For example, in this room, the only thing we've bought was the TV and the couch. Everything else, we either made or was given to us.

Our coffee table is an old trunk that Jared's Aunt Sheryl and Uncle Gene gave us. They also gave us those chairs.

I really love this planter.

Jared is an audio genius, and he designed and built a complicated home theater system. I have no idea how it works, but it sounds great.

We also don't have cable or television service, so our TV acts like a giant computer monitor and we watch everything online. This little corner is still an in-progress section of the room...

I made most of the wall "art" in the room. I made this tree out of yo-yos I sewed together, an old sweater, some buttons, and some embroidery thread. I embroidered our initials on it to look like a carved heart.

This awesome clock was given to us by Jess and Jared for our wedding, and I painted the sign for Jared for Christmas one year.

This was a total accident. I was using this old flattened gift box when I was painting some tote bags. I used it to keep the paint from bleeding through to the other side of the bag. Each time I painted a bag, it got cooler and cooler!

I made this window display for our engagement photos. Originally, these were centered on that wall, but we've rearranged the room several times, so I'm hoping to center them over the couch and hang our instruments on that wall.

This room wouldn't be complete without these girls.

I love this room! It's full of natural light and it's so homey to me.

There are still some things that need to be finished in that room. We'd like to move the picture windows over the couch, add instrument hangers, put a rug under the trunk because Puck seems to miss some of the carpet, finish replacing the trim, and repaint in some areas that need it.

The room actually extends to the staircase, but right now the wall is bare because we are moving a piano in soon. I'll do a staircase post and show that part of the room then.

Anyway, I hope y'all enjoyed our first Home Tour post.

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