Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Home is Where the Heart is Tour: Kitchen!

Our kitchen is the room in our house that I am most proud of. I feel like we've done a ton of work in here!

Here are the befores!

The previous owners were smokers, so the cabinets had this weird yellowish tint to all of them. Plus, they were sticky. It was nasty. 


The eat-in part of the kitchen wasn't so bad. It just was really plain.

The Afters!

This was another room we were blessed with. We didn't have to buy any of the major pieces in this room. The appliances came with the house, Jared's mama gave us the hoosier cabinet, I made the rolling cart out of a dresser that belonged to Jared, and another family friend gave us the table and chairs. I'm planning on painting the table a creamy white and the pedestal the same red as the rolling cart.

I spy a kitty cat!

I am in love with my new skillet rack. I'm currently trying to decide if I like the painting and the cat shadow on top of it. I'll let you know if I decide I hate it.

I like making little collections of things.

One day, I'd like to build a pantry into the kitchen, and when that day comes, I'll probably have to find another use for this cabinet. I was thinking of putting it in a baby's room one day.

Isn't the wood grain on this cabinet beautiful?!

Our kitchen window is so cute. I recently decided to wind this vine around the window, and it seems to be really happy. It's about 5 years old, but it never grew at my parents' house. It loves all the light in here now.

My cast iron mermaid bottle opener likes to hang out under the leaves.

I'm so proud of myself for keeping that Christmas Cactus alive. It was a housewarming present from my Aunt Missy.

I couldn't find a canister set that I liked/could afford, so I collected various pieces from Goodwill and from friends.

Everyone asks me why I have a bowling bag in the kitchen. The answer: BECAUSE I LIKE IT.

I love this cuckoo clock that Kim and Chrissie gave us.

This window has large cracks in the outside panes from where a kid in the neighborhood behind us shot it with a bb gun. We didn't have the money to fix it when we moved in, so I put this window in it to hide any ugliness. Plus, it matches perfectly! (p.s. my window tie backs are hairbands. yes. We are super classy.)

This chair belonged to Jared's MeMaw.

Updates/Projects we've DIY'ed:

  • installed new floors
  • made mosaic window
  • made keyholder
  • sanded/repainted cabinets
  • changed out cabinetry knobs
  • created rolling cart for storage
  • changed the shades on ugly chandelier to slightly less ugly shades
Updates/Projects we would like to DIY:
  • paint fridge either a solid color or a design
  • possibly create some open shelving
  • build a small pantry
  • finish installing the trim
  • replace fixture over the table and possibly the other light
  • add under cabinet lighting
  • change fluorescent light above sink to cute pendant lighting
  • paint table white/cream with red pedestal and replace chairs

 I'll update these home tour posts with any improvements we make as we go!

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