Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day.

I was blessed beyond belief when God chose Daddy to be my father.

Photo by Jess Wal Photography
Daddy is hysterical. Like, seriously hysterical. And he is always the life of the party. He dressed up like this for church. FOR CHURCH. 

Photo by Katie Weeks Photography
He always took good care of me and my friends.

And he isn't afraid to iron a couple of dresses on occasion.

Photo by Katie Weeks via Instagram
He knows how to rock a banjo too.

Photo by Katie Weeks Photography
I'm more than grateful for my father-in-law Pops. I'm so thankful that Jared was raised by a Godly man who instilled in him a desire to be self-sufficient.

Unfortunately photographs of Pops are harder to come by (he doesn't have two daughters following him around with a camera in his face all the time) but I found a few!

Photo by Jess Wal Photography
Pops has worked in law enforcement his whole life, and he is normally fairly reserved, but he can let loose when he wants!

Photo by Jess Wal Photography
This is not a picture of Pops, obviously, but he used his contacts to get in touch with the head of Dolly Parton's security and got me a signed photo from my hero! 

Pops was testing out the wind speed detector on a weather station he bought for Ma for Christmas.

My goal this year is to try and get more photos of this man. He's an elusive creature like the Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster. It's ridiculous. 

I've been so blessed to have such great men in my life. Thank Jesus for these two; my heart is so full of love for Daddy and Pops!

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