Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bathing Waterfall Beauties!

While on our camping trip, we made a voyage out to a waterfall in Union County. It's absolutely breathtaking! The breeze off of the waterfall keeps everything cool, and the roar from the water is so loud you almost can't hear each other. It's great!

We parked our cars at a local church and all rode together in Daddy's truck. 

Jared was not having as much fun as the rest of them. 
Katie and John are movie-star good looking. And Layla is super cute too!

Jared is so handsome!

Just look at how pretty it is!

This makes a perfect swimming hole!

Jared's parents were planning on heading home after the trip, so they didn't want to get all wet, but they had a good time on the bank!

Mama and I found a natural aquatic treadmill! We had to swim hard to keep the current from  pushing you down the river.

The waterfall is a natural masseuse.

After a while, we all sunned on the rocks to dry off.

I think Layla loved the waterfall the most. She never seemed to like swimming before this trip, but she loved getting in the water this time!

I'm so grateful for weekends like these.

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