Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mama and Ma

I have been blessed with many incredible mother-figures in my life; the most influential are my own Mama and Jared's mom who I call Ma. (I call his dad Pops, so they are Ma and Pops.) In honor of Mother's Day coming up, I figured I'd tell y'all more about them because they are amazing people!

Y'all know some things about Mama already. You know she loves Jesus and muscadines, and you know she is a survivor of MS. What y'all might not know, is that she is a genius at throwing together a costume using nothing but what she already owns. At our first Crafty Costume Party, she didn't think she was going to be able to come, so when she was able to make it at the last minute, she showed up looking like a drunk hobo. It was hilarious. The next year, she came as a gypsy wearing clothes from her closet and every piece of dangly jewelry she owned. Last year, she and Daddy came as people from Duck Dynasty. (that wasn't too hard to put together since Daddy's wardrobe is mainly camo anyway.) I love her resourceful nature. Daddy has suggested every year that they come as Adam and Eve. Mama always vetoes that idea.

She also plays a mean bass.

And always wears a smile.

Jared's mama is the best mother-in-law I could ever think of. She is always kind, funny, and is the exact opposite of all those horror stories you hear about mothers-in-law. She is a sewing maven and sewed almost all the curtains in our house, ending a long argument Jared and I had about curtains--don't ask. (I call it The Curtain Debacle of 2009.) She loves to garden and has given me gobs of plants, most of which I have NOT killed. Plus, she always makes us eat yummy but healthy stuff, and I appreciate that because I wouldn't eat much healthy food if it wasn't for her. She buys me a cantaloupe whenever they're on sale because she knows how much I love them! Not to mention, she gave birth to my husband, so I'm eternally grateful for that.

Here we are as a family near Tuttle, Idaho!

And again near some huge trees in Oregon!

The most important thing to me about both of these incredible, wonderful, and wise women is that they have a heart for God. They both love Jesus, and share his love through their lives with everyone they meet. I'm so thankful and grateful that God saw fit to give me my Mama and Ma. My life is so much richer for them being in it.

Here they are together at my toga/animal print themed bridal shower!

I love y'all so much!

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