Thursday, April 18, 2013

We Have a Garden!

With real plants in it! That we planted on purpose!

It might not look like much progress, but I'm super excited about it, so here it is!

I know what you're thinking, but there really are plants in there.


It's covered in pollen because the pollen levels are ridiculous this time of the year in Georgia, but that's going to be my prize okra plant. I can tell because it's already the biggest.

Jared picked out the peppers. The one above is a habanero, but we also got red bell pepper too. He is so excited about these peppers.

This cucumber bears a striking resemblance to an okra plant, but it's a cucumber plant. I promise.

I decided to plant our tomato plants in buckets because I wanted to be able to move them if we needed to before they get too big. This one is a pink brandywine tomato and it will be delicious!

I planted green beans in that washtub, so hopefully they will come up soon!

So, the plant tally is as follows: 1 rutgers tomato, 1 pink brandywine tomato, 9 okra, 1 habanero pepper, 1 red bell pepper, 4 cucumber plants, and whatever green beans come up.

I'm hoping to get the open space covered in cardboard and mulch to hold in the moisture and keep down the weeds. Maybe then it will be more impressive! I'm so excited about this garden!

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