Monday, April 15, 2013

A Song in Your Heart.

I woke up this morning extremely cranky. I haven't been sleeping well because I have a UTI and I feel like I need to pee every few minutes. Jared was already up doing the laundry because he was out of clean clothes, and all I could think about is how miserable I was and how I failed to do my job as a wife. (An idea that is all in my head because Jared would do my work and his if I asked him.)

To be honest, I felt aggravated about the whole day. I was sore and tired from our work the day before, and that coupled with the UTI, I wasn't really good company. I laid in bed trying to feel less itchy and scrolled down my facebook newsfeed. My Mama's status knocked me for a loop.
Good Monday morning! I hope everyone had a good weekend because I did. It is now time to get this work week started. A good way to start the week is to put Jesus in everything you do and that does not mean using his name in vain. (I pray that whoever is reading this will have a song in their heart & can use that song to praise you, Lord. If they don't have a song to praise you with that you will give them a song. ) To have a song in you heart does not mean you have to be able to sing. If you are praising The Lord it sounds wonderful to Him & that is all that matters. So have praise on your lips & a song in your heart! Have a great day & smile while you praise Him today! :)
Talk about humbling. God knows how to talk to you through your parents sometimes, that's for sure.

I didn't have praise on my lips. I didn't have a smile. I definitely didn't have a good attitude. I wasn't looking forward to getting ready for work and heading over to Parrie's farm. I was a walking pair of crankypants.

But Mama's status got me to thinking. I can have a good attitude. I can put a smile on my face, and praise the One who should be praised. So, I put on my clothes, helped fold some laundry, ate some breakfast, and hit the road to Parrie's house with a much better attitude and a smile on my face.

Mama loves Jesus, everyone else, and muscadines. 
Mama is one of the most positive people I know. Even when everything is falling apart, she keeps her chin up and a smile on her lips. I hope I can be like that. When I was seven years old, Mama was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She couldn't walk or even sit upright for a long time. During all that time, I can't remember her having anything negative to say. I know she could have complained. She could have thrown herself a well-deserved pity party, but she didn't. She prayed, trusted God to take care of her and her family, and He did. Mama has amazingly made a complete recovery from a disease that people don't recover from. Praise Jesus!

So, I'm going to try to keep a good attitude, even when I feel gross and itchy and even when I don't feel like having a good attitude. I'm going to be salt and light in a world that needs both and I'm going to sing whatever song God has put in my heart.

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