Friday, March 15, 2013

Photo Friday 3.15.2013

Welcome to Photo Friday where I show my week in pictures! Follow me on Instagram @tristantuttle ! These posts are a mix of my instagram photos, pictures taken with my Canon, and photos taken by my friends and family.  For more Photo Friday, click here.

Howdy! This week has been spent working on our new floors! We had to shift all of our stuff looked like this for most of the week.

Jared took a quick break!

And then finally...

We were eating lunch and we told Puck to go to the rug. She kept eye contact with us and backed up until her back paws were on the rug. She's super cute!

We also belatedly celebrated Jared's birthday with his family at Big Pie in the Sky. The six of us ate one 30 INCH PIZZA!  The slices are ridiculous!

But the leftovers proved to be difficult to warm up in the microwave because the slices are bigger than the plate...

Today was a great day (that I'm going to blog about next week!) and I hope this weekend will be just as great! Have a great weekend y'all! Don't forget abou the instagram sale! Be sure to check it out!

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