Monday, March 11, 2013

Am I a Quilt Hoarder?


Last week, I bought two quilts. In two days. Jared thinks I might have a problem.

I think I'm drawn to quilts because they symbolize a truly beautiful and difficult art that isn't practiced very often anymore. Plus, they are freakin' gorgeous. I have several that have been passed down from our families. They are made from mis-matched fabrics and are imperfectly perfect, and I love them. 

The back of this one is a moving blanket! 

This quilt is a mixture of patchwork squares and funky fabrics.

This is my favorite fabric from this quilt. The sports theme is from Nike!

The backside of the quilt is giant blocks of fabrics. 

Jared's grandma made him this lap quilt from his Pap-Pap's flannel and wool shirts.

Don't mind Puck. She was watching the neighbor kids get home from school.

This quilt made its way to our house when Jared moved out. I love the blue binding! I keep it on my couch to snuggle up with while we're watching TV. 

This material looks like it has little seed packets printed on it. 

This is a quilt top sewn by my Mama Katie (she was my great grandmother and my sister's namesake.) This quilt top even has some of my grandma's dresses in it. I thought it would be really awesome for me to quilt it, but I'm terrified of ruining it!

I love this fabric!

and this fabric!

The rest of the quilts are less sentimental but still really pretty!

I bought this one at a flea market for 10 bucks. I used it as a table cloth in my booth at craft shows until a woman came up to me and told me it was worth a good bit of money because the fabrics are from the late 20s or early 30s!

The quilt itself isn't in great shape. The batting is coming out and there are a few rips, but I just love the colors!

I bought this quilt top from the Fetching Finds booth a few weeks ago. I'll probably resell it soon. 

I thrifted this one last week! I'm thinking of selling it as well. 

And this is by far my favorite quilt I've purchased.

These quilt photos are making me so happy!  I love looking back and seeing our family's heirlooms and knowing that someone a long time ago invested their time and love into such a wonderful and tangible expression of family. Do any of y'all have family quilts like ours?

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