Monday, February 25, 2013

One Way to Beat Those Winter Blues

The second cold weather hits, I'm ready for spring. You can imagine how ready I am for spring given the nasty winter we've had.


So, in the winter time I become a CRAZY PLANT LADY. Houseplants really do lift my spirits. Here's my newest addition to my studio space.

I bought that cute hanging basket from Goodwill for 99 cents!

See? There's proof!

I had gold hooks left over from hanging some mugs in our kitchen, and Jared assured me they would hold this plant up, so I believed him.

I only used one though.

Jared drilled a pilot hole for the hook and hung it for me.

Ophelia helped.

Puck approved of this new addition.

I found this dude hanging out in the foliage.

I really do love how a bit of greenery in a space cheers up a room. Plus, they purify the air, which is always good.

What about y'all? Do houseplants make anyone else super happy?


  1. I dont put plants in the house :( but I do like them...

    I agree with you about the weather!! Right now it's like 80 & the ac is on...this past weekend it was that hot & we went on the boat...but this coming weekend the high is going to be the upper 50's!! Low in the 30's at makes me sad :( I turn into a hermit when it gets that cold...

    1. I wish it was that warm here! The high is in the 30s, and I am almost miserable. I am begging for Spring!


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