Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Funky Flower Display Just in Time for Valentine's Day!

Jared and I don't go all-out for Valentine's Day. We generally make each other a gift and grab some food, and I never decorate for Valentine's Day. But this year, I wanted something cutesy to sit around that was at least fun and pink-y since Valentine's Day is almost nothing but pink. This little DIY flower display cost me absolutely nothing. Well, I did buy the Dr. Pepper, but since I drank it all and was going to throw away the bottle, I'm saying it was a free project resource :).

Here's what you'll need:

  • some kind of clean plastic bottle (Luckily, my Dr. Pepper addiction is finally paying off.)
  • some pretty bits of ephemera to attach to your bottle
  • a hot glue gun
  • a flower
  • a tiny vase or bottle
  • a razor blade or exacto knife
  • a steady hand so you don't accidentally cut your hand off when using the razor blade or exacto knife.

not pictured: a steady hand.
Around the bottom edge of the Dr. Pepper bottle, I noticed a small ring so I followed it around the edge with the razor blade.

Once I separated the two pieces, I noticed how cute Ophelia looked, so I took her picture. 

She's not supposed to be on the table, but she likes to watch me when I'm making things. Plus, she's cute. 
I wanted something to sit on the top like a stopper on a fancy decanter or something, but all I could find in my bits and pieces of fancy stuff was a broken clip-on earring. I hot-glued it to the edge of the bottle top. 

I should have taken that band off, but once it was finished I didn't notice it anymore. 

I also added a giant pink flower that was actually a hair-tie that my aunt gave me a long time ago. I wound it around the bottle's neck. 

I hot-glued ribbon along the bottom edge of the "bell jar" to give it a more finished look.

I took a carnation from my birthday bouquet, put it in a tiny vase, and set it under my bell jar.

It doesn't compare to the most beautiful bell jar in history, but I think it's a cute Valentine's decoration at least. What bell jar is the most beautiful bell jar in history, you ask? 

And yes, Beauty and the Beast was/is/alwayswillbe my favorite Disney movie. 

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