Wednesday, February 20, 2013

By the Fireside

I hate winter.

I hate the cold. 

It makes my old lady bones hurt. 

Jared LOVES it. At just the prospect of snow, Jared gets absolutely giddy. Seriously, he giggles like a school girl and hovers over the weather channel looking for the newest updates. 

We're a complicated couple. 

Jared knows that too much winter makes me sad, but the one thing I love about winter is having a fire in the fireplace. We didn't get a huge load of firewood this year, so our fires have been few this winter. When Jared  built a fire yesterday, I was kind of surprised. He had some scrap MDF wood left over from a project, and we lounged around for a while. (Don't worry, MDF is safe to burn!)

Maybe winter's not too bad. 

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