Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Third Annual Crafty Costume Party!

This year's party was the best yet in my opinion! We had a great turnout and everyone seemed to have a good time. Plus, the photobooth addition was so much fun! Enough chit chat, here are the photos! (Most of these photos were taken by the gloriously amazing Katie Weeks, but I did steal a few from Melissa Meadows!)


Those creepy cockroaches were the best 5 dollar investment I made for this party!

I threw sheets over the furniture for a creepier vibe.

I made Arturo the Zombie from a bucket, a hoodie, and a mask stuffed with newspaper.

These were my attempt at the Mummy Toes I mentioned in my inspiration post.


Melissa as a Zombie Bride.

Jared as Burt Macklin from Parks and Rec. He's guarding the back door.

Rachel as The Cat in the Hat.

Johnathan and Kelly with John and Katie.

Emily as a 50s School Teacher

Puck being her beautiful self in her party dress!

Those eyes!!!

Christina as Loki.

Katie and John

Ophelia hates parties. and Katie probably.
Oberon, on the other hand, loves them. Yes, that is a bow-tie, and yes, my sister made it just for him. He loves it!

Me as Janet Snakehole from Parks and Rec/Party Hostess.

I didn't have a cigarette for my cigarette holder, so I rolled up a check.

Daddy is obviously the life of the party.

Christina being terrifying.

Kim as a fairy!

He is so handsome!

I bought some really gross rats.



Chrissie and Ashley

Me and Kim

Kim, Rachel, Connie, Christina, and Ashley

I love that smile!

Family Shot!

Me and Ashley

Kim, Chrissie, and Emily

Rachel and Connie

Emily and Kim

Kelly and Christina

Crackin' Up.
Asher and Ashley as a META-Four.

Me and Christina

Outside, serious shot.

Silly shot!
This party was such fun, and it was made even better by the people I get to share my life with. I love them all so much. This was just one of many pockets of joy in my life! Happy Halloween, y'all!

How to Pretty Up Your Houseplants for the Winter

I've collected quite a few houseplants over this summer. Some were gifts and some were clearance buys I couldn't pass up.No matter how they come into my possession, most of them come with really ugly pots. That was fine when I was leaving them outside to soak in all the summer sunshine. Now that it's getting a little chilly in the mornings and I'm going to be bringing them inside soon, I wanted to make them a little less ugly.  I found a few pots on clearance at the Dollar General for 30 cents (score for the great deal!), but they were still kind of ugly.

I decided to cover one of the pots in chalkboard paint, so I could change how it looks whenever I wanted to. I washed the pot,  and gave it a little scrub with sandpaper so the chalkboard paint would stick. The paint can said to spray two coats and then wait 24 hours before applying a layer of chalk over the entire surface. That "seasons" the chalkboard, and then it is ready for you to use.

This idea is a great way to label your plant with its botanical name or its common name right on the pot, and if you decide to put a different plant in the pot, you can easily change what's on it. Easy peasy!

For another pot, I taped around the center with painter's tape and painted half of the pot pink and the other half purple. I didn't try to make anything perfect, so my line around the center has a bit of a wiggle to it. I kind of like it that way. After I painted it, I sprayed some Valspar clear coat over the pot so the paint will last longer.

 I love the variegation on this Mother-in-Law's Tongue.

These two ideas are so simple to do, and I'm still working on some new ideas! I'll update this post with those as soon as I finish them up. If you make your own versions, please sent me a picture because I'd love to see them!