Monday, July 30, 2012

The Tuttles Take the West!

Last month I went on vacation with my husband and his family on a whirlwind adventure out West. We went from Washington to Idaho, Idaho to Montana, Montana back to Idaho, Idaho to Wyoming, Wyoming back to Idaho, Idaho to Oregon and Oregon to Washington in 10(ish) days. It was crazy!  Here are some photos of our trip that I took or I stole from various family members.

We started out by flying into Seattle and heading to Poulsbo, WA to stay the first night with the Toph family. They live right on Liberty Bay and it is gorgeous!
The bay used to be called Dogfish Bay for the type of salmon that lived there. Isn't it gorgeous?

This is my brother-in-law Ian enjoying the cloudy day.

My handsome husband on the bay.

This is the Toph's daughter Emily in her element. She gets to take sailing lessons this summer! How cool is that?

Ian took this picture of me to prove that I was on this vacation since I was taking pictures of everyone else.

Pops is massaging Jared's back because before we left, Jared messed up his back majorly.

Those aren't clouds, that's Mt. Ranier! We had to take a ferry to get back to Seattle, and the view was always breathtaking. 

 Once we made it back to Seattle, we were officially on the road! We drove out of Washington and into Idaho. I was really surprised at how many different landscapes we saw just in the state of Washington.
Those are the Cascades behind us!
Washington's statue in front of a Washington gas station. Weird.

We stayed one night in Missoula, Montana, and then we headed towards Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I love Wyoming. Of all the places we visited, it was by far my favorite. I watched the sun go down over the Tetons and it was so beautiful, I cried. I told Jared that if I ever ran away from home, I'd be in Wyoming

The view of the Tetons from Idaho.
This was my best attempt at a panorama shot on top of one of the Tetons near Jackson Hole in Teton Village, WY.
On top of a Teton!
 We headed to Yellowstone National Park and explored the park for two days.

How can he sleep at a time like this!

We made it in time to catch Old Faithful's eruption.

These boys were being silly in the parking lot of the Old Faithful section of Yellowstone.

Here's my mother-in-law telling the boys to quit wasting blueberries! Boys will be boys.

We traveled up the West side of Yellowstone to Mammoth Hot Springs. It's so crazy how amazing nature is.

Here are our shadows.

It looks like we're on the moon!

On the way back home that day, we stopped at the Artists Paint Pots. Yellowstone is covered up in geothermal activity!

We ran into a bison traffic jam on the way back to the hostel.

Our hostel was pretty cool!
I bought Kate a cool postcard to send back home.
We rode into town the next morning and saw this crazy archway made of deer and elk antlers in Jackson Hole.

We stopped by Jenny Lake on the way back to Yellowstone the next day. Jared's the sweetest.
 Yellowstone was absolutely amazing. There is so much to see and it's impossible to fully explore in just two days. Jared and I want to take a couple of weeks and camp around Yellowstone to see everything.
We left Wyoming (so very sad!) and headed to Twin Falls, Idaho. When we stopped to grab a late lunch, our waitress told us about Shoshone Falls, so we went and checked it out!

Shoshone Falls is considered the Niagara Falls of the West.

Me and Jared by the Falls

A little clip of Shoshone Falls. Jared calls it Shoeshine Falls.

We left Idaho and headed toward Crooked River Ranch, Oregon to stay with Jared's Aunt Annabelle and her friend Paul for a couple of days. On the way there we saw a sign for Tuttle, Idaho, so we stopped for a photo op!

The Tuttles near Tuttle, ID
Aunt Annabelle and Paul

This is the view from Aunt Annabelle's house. The canyon is terraced, so she lives inside the canyon.
The inside of the canyon
 We stayed with Aunt Annabelle for a couple of days. The last night, Jared and I took a four-wheeler ride in the canyon. It was absolutely breathtaking. 


Jared's dad was super excited to see his aunt because he found out a huge amount of information about his family tree. The Tuttles could be related to Davy Crockett! It was sad to leave Aunt Annabelle, but we headed towards Portland. Our first stop was at Voodoo Doughnut.

This was the coolest place! I'm not sure my father-in-law Pops was totally comfortable there. haha!
We picked out a few that we wanted and let the cool dude behind the counter pick out the rest.
Mine was called The Loop.  It was so tasty!

Just outside of Portland, we saw some Giant Sequoias.

Our family portrait

The Toph Family
I obviously really love trees!
Jared is so sweet.
The hotel pond and fountain inspired me to make a new fountain back home.

Ian really loves street art, so we found some Banksy art in Portland the next day!
We left Portland and headed back to Poulsbo. We stopped at Multonomah Falls.

God's handiwork is amazing.
We made it back to Poulsbo in time to catch the fireworks on the bay.
 Before we came back home, we wanted to check out Seattle, so we caught the ferry back home and explored a bit. We saw the Freemont Troll!

Ian was staring into the eye of the troll.
Look how huge it is!
We ate supper by the bay. We fed birds while we fed ourselves!

We left Seattle and caught the ferry home.This picture is just too funny. 
This one is better. Slightly.
 After two weeks, we made it back to the ATL. The trip itself was wonderful; not only because we saw such beautiful things, but also because we spent time together as a family. Good times with great people!