Thursday, February 23, 2012

Saturday in Jasper!

Mama, Katie, and I spent last Saturday in Jasper selling wonderful goodies that we've made. Luckily, my sister had her wits about her and took a few photos!

This young man wanted something to put his tasty lemonade in, so he bought a mini Sips of the South, and quickly became our spokesperson! He was a wonderful kid! 

Come on, who could resist buying lemonade from that face?!

As a bonus treat, here's a video of us after we headed back to my house once the sale was over:

It was a fun time! Plus, we gave away a lot of information about our church since we go to church in Jasper. I hope everyone that saw us enjoyed talking to us and maybe some will come out and see us at church! For those who are interested, we have church every Thursday night at the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce. At 7 pm there is FREE food and then bluegrass-gospel music at 7:30 followed by preaching. It's a good time, y'all!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fire Pit with Tutorial (of sorts!)

Jared and I have talked for a while about getting a fire pit to put out on our deck. After researching several different kinds and pricing them at stores like Home Depot and Lowes, we decided that we definitely wanted something substantial, but any sturdy fire pits that were available were NOT in our price range. Besides that, we've heard stories about cheaper store-bought fire pits that have burnt through after just a few uses. Keeping those things in mind, we decided that having a fire pit on our deck was probably a bad plan since Jared and I both like BIG fires.

One morning I woke up and Jared wasn't in bed, which normally wouldn't be so strange since he wakes up EXTREMELY early for work, but since this was his day off, I thought it was a bit weird. I eventually found him outside like this:

He looks a bit wild here because he was so excited about digging this hole. No joke. He really seems to enjoy hole-digging. He's a man of strange passions.

He dug the hole about 3 feet deep and about 4 1/2  feet across. He ended up digging the hole bigger than he intended, but like I said, he gets excited about hole-digging. We went to Home Depot and bought 12 regular cinder blocks and 2 half-sized cinder blocks to line the inside and 13 decorative rocks to line the edge. (We ended up taking some back!) After spending a while trying to arrange them inside the pit, Jared got them in a good arrangement and we filled in the gaps behind the cinder blocks with dirt. We left the holes in the cinder blocks to the inside of the pit to add a little extra ventilation.


Jared arranged another set of cinder blocks on top of them and then mortared between the cracks.
 Jared also dug the inside of the pit a smidge deeper than the parts where the cinder blocks sit and added pebbles for drainage. I helped him lay out the decorative rocks around the edge and we filled in the gaps around those with dirt and after we waited 24 hours for the mortar to set, we had a finished fire pit!

Puck is surveying the new area. I'm not sure what's going on at the very bottom edge of the picture...


We still have plans to make the area around the pit look more finished, but for now we really enjoy our fire pit as is! We plan on adding additional seating around the pit as well.

All in all, this project cost us about 58 bucks! If you compared prices, you could not buy a fire pit that is as big and sturdy as this one for that money.

Also, Jared is a beast at home projects! I'm so blessed!